What The Cost Of Demolitions Consist Of?

Posted By Justin Little on Mar 22, 2018 | 0 comments

Many people wonder when it comes to demolition projects and jobs, where does the money go? What are you exactly getting for your money? Well, as experts in the world of demolitions, we have found where your money goes. How did we do this? We spoke to Melbourne’s leading demolition contractors in Melbourne District Demolition and they gave us the insight on where your money is going to be going!

The Size Of The Building 

The larger the building, the more effort is required to handle the demolition. The contractor will need more heavy equipment, a large excavator and more clean-up work. These factors will definitely lead to an increase in the cost of demolition.

The Section You Want Demolished

We should elaborate on this further: if you are demolishing a section of a property, it is not going to blow your budget. It will be cheaper, as naturally, you will be demolishing less. It will cost you more to demolish your whole property as opposed to one section.

The Materials Of The Property

One of the biggest influences of a demolition is the materials of that property. For example: bringing down wood is easier than bringing down brick, concrete or metal. So the materials of the property is going to be a huge factor when it comes to the assessing the cost of the demolition.

The Hazardous Materials 

This leads us to the prospect of your property being filled with hazardous materials, such as lead paint or asbestos. Before any demolition job can start, it is vital that the the demolition company conducts an inspection to see if the property has any of these materials. If it does, you will be forced to remove it before the world begins – which will come at an additional cost.

The Clean-Up Afterwards

There will be a lot of debris after demolition. Confirm with the demolition company you hire whether the estimate includes handling of debris and cleanup. Hauling of the debris may come at an additional cost.

The Cost Of Labour 

After all this, you have to consider the demolition expert themselves. They need to get paid at the end and make some money from the job. So their labour will be a cost come bill time.

We hope that this blog has informed on where your money goes – and how it will be affected when it comes to demolitions. If you would like more information, you can get in touch for a free quote! We are more than happy to show you where your money goes today!