Lost In The Bush? Four Products You Need To Survive

Posted By Justin Little on Jul 12, 2018 | 0 comments

There is nothing more terrifying than finding yourself lost in the bush. Stuck in the middle of nowhere while you’re hunting is not exactly the ideal scenario that you want. But you’re lucky: if you are hunting, it means that you would have prepared yourself with some tools and equipment. So next time you decide to go hunting, make sure you pack the following products so you can survive, if you ever get lost in the bush.

First Aid Kit

You should always have this on you every time you hunt. There is nothing more important than having this little box by your side. A first aid kit can help you in times of emergency and when you need it the most. Make sure you pack it with you, and ensure that it loaded to the brim to the stuff that is going to help your body in the long run.

A Wide Range Of Clothing

While you might enjoying spending all your money on gun cases, some of your money should be towards getting high-quality clothing. Protecting your body in the outdoors is important, but you should have a wide selection of clothing in your bag. We are talking about light clothes for the heat (so you can trek and survive in the bush easily), followed by thick warm clothes, so you can live through the night (cause, surprise, surprise, it gets cold at night). Make sure to pack a wide selection of clothing.  

Plenty Of Food (& Plenty Of Water)

You can never pack enough food for a trip to the outback. Not only are you covering yourself for your trip, but you are also covering yourself when you get lost. The worst thing to happen is to struggling for food when you’re lost in the bush. On top of that, nothing worse than having no water on you. Pack plenty of food and water on your trip so you are safe if you ever find yourself lost in the bush.

Emergency Radio

You will be surprised at how often people forget to get a radio on their trips. Mobile phones don’t have a strong range in the bush, which is why you have to get high-frequency radios to they can reach emergency services. Packing one of these on your trip, along with spare batteries, can help you get out of any jam that you could be facing. You can call for help if something serious happens, or you can contact someone so you can get out of the lost patch that you’re in. So next time, when you are looking for hunting accessories and equipments in Melbourne, make sure to include an emergency radio on your list.