Four Ways You’re Making Your Home A Target For Thieves

Posted By Justin Little on Apr 10, 2018 | 0 comments

You will be surprised at how often homes get broken into. Sometimes the robbers are professionals and just know what to do. But that’s in the movies. Most times, homeowners are at fault because they make their homes an easy target. After speaking to Zs Locksmith, the only 24 hour locksmith in Melbourne, we have the four ways that people are making it easier for robbers.

You Don’t Have Quality Lock For Your Doors

Sometimes you think you’re safe because of the locks on your door, but it might not be enough to withstand a break-in. So before anything else, you should check the locks on your doors and see the standards of them. If they are not good enough, start looking for a locksmith in Kooyong so you can real strong and tough locks. They will prevent robbers from trying to break in and save you plenty of drama.

You Leave Your Door Unlocked

Yes it happens! And more often than you think! Whether it is because people forget or because they don’t think it will matter, when you leave your door open, there is always a chance someone can break in. Ha! Break in – they can just walk in. When you leave your home or if it is late at night, always make sure that your door is locked and tight! It is the first form of protecting your home, so do it!

You Leave Your Windows Open

In the summer months, when things boil over, people have a tendency to leave their windows open. While that is great to let in the cool air, leaving it open when you’re not at home or at night is just asking for trouble. Robbers can easily open it the rest of way and walk right in! That’s it: your place has been robbed. Make sure that you always close your windows so you are safe from any robberies that might occur.

You Have An Alarm – But Don’t Use It

You will be shocked about the amount of homeowners that have an alarm system, but don’t use it when they can. Either through laziness, forgetting or the confidence that they don’t need it, these homeowners don’t use an alarm, and one day, end up getting robbed. So if you have an alarm system, use it! It is one of the best ways to protect your home, so you should go all out to ensure it is protected!