Four Ways To Keep Your Grass Amazing In Spring

Posted By Justin Little on May 31, 2018 | 0 comments

Springtime is here and that means looking after your garden has been taken to another level. One of the hardest things about springtime is looking after your grass (or lawn). How do you go about it to ensure that it remains healthy and looks great? In a bid to help you, we have four of the best ways to ensure that your grass is amazing in spring!

Schedule A Professional To Come In

If you don’t have the luxury of time – and if you have the funds for it – you should look towards a gardening professional to come in and do the job for you. There is no questioning that by bringing in a professional to look after your garden, you’re getting an expert that knows what they are doing! Make sure that when you look for a professional, you make sure they have the following key traits:

Water Twice Per Week, Max!

There is always something tricky about watering your grass. How often do you do it? What is the right amount for your grass in the spring months? Well, after speaking to the gardening experts in Gardening Angel, twice a week in the spring months is sufficient. It will allow your garden to grow more naturally and ensure it doesn’t get flooded. Organise your schedule to ensure that your grass gets the water it needs.

Invest in a Timer 

Thankfully, with the rise of technology, watering your grass isn’t as difficult as it used to be. If you invest in a timer then everything is done simply! So how does a timer work? Well, you attach it to your automatic watering system (if you have one) and when you program your timer to go off, it will water your grass! Simple as you can imagine. It will save you time doing it yourself and ensure that your grass is looking amazing at all times.

Let Water Soak Through Hard Soil

Many homeowners assume that when you water your lawn, the water will just go on top and it’s done! But that is the farthest thing from what actually happens. It takes time for the water to trickle down to the hard soil, become embedded in it and help it grow out. It will take around 30 minutes for the water to go into the hard soil, so after you’ve watered your grass, give it some time.